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In your dreams I will cast my nets

   "In your dreams I will cast my nets ...” was both the motto and the experience of a weekend retreat for a group of young people from Rome. Having discovered God’s dream for their lives, they returned with the joy of trusting fully in Him.


   This was the motto of the weekend retreat May 26-27, 2018 that Emilia, Martina, Lucilla, Dario, Marco, Paola, Rosaura and Isabelle went on. It took place in the sanctuary La Foresta where Saint Francis wrote the famous Canticle of the creatures and performed the miracle of the grapes.


The first experience we had was to discover how much God has loved us throughout our life! "I am so loved that I can dream and project a future for myself".


 Then we asked God: what dream do you have for my life? We chose some images that could represent this dream:  consoling others, helping people to grow, embracing, changing the world, forming a family, giving life ... and there we discovered that everything could be summed up in one word: LOVE! Then we asked ourselves, but how much love? Many times we don’t believe in the capacity to love that our heart have and we allow ourselves to be limited by feelings or circumstances. We were surprised to listen to God telling us that we can love as Jesus loved because He created our heart with the same capacity! Finally we asked him to free us from our fears and the brakes we have inside to live this dream.


   We returned to Rome with great joy, believing that God only makes us dream things that He will make possible, so in his dreams we cast our nets.