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Young people´s house TOGO



   Our community "Servants of the Gospel of God´s Mercy", began the mission in Togo, West Africa in January 2009. We have been working in the diocese of Dapaong, situated in the "des Savannes" since this date. We also began working in the diocese of Lomé, the capital of the country in the far south in 2016. At present there are four missionaries living in Dapaong and four in Lome.



   We work to make possible a comprehensive development of the person on a spiritual, intellectual and working level. We mainly work with young people and teenagers. Our aim is that the young people of Togo can develop all their capacities so they can put them at the service of the neediest. In this way these young people will have the possibility to live the Gospel and to collaborate in the creation of a more humane and just society for everyone.


Presentation of the project


   We live in a rented house of 90 m2 which has become very small because to date we serve 800 young people in the different activities we organize. That is why we need a multipurpose room where we can carry out our activities with the young people and a training house for those who want to be missionaries who continue our mission, either in Togo or in other countries. In addition, we would need a fence to surround the land and an "appatam" (African meeting place). We also need both an electricity supply and drinking water to be able to live in the house and use the room. We therefore need an electric current and a well, given that there are no water pipes which reach the territory.





   Our goal is to contribute to the construction of a new society, inspired by the values of love, truth, justice, peace and solidarity, which works towards the caring and improvement of the Common House. We will meet these goals through


1 An integral formation for young people which will provide them with considerable human maturity to continue their training and hold responsible positions later on such as:- founders of NGOs for the promotion of women and the development of the country, teachers, parents who form stable families, doctors, nurses and hospital managers, trainers in schools of agriculture and livestock, founders of cooperative, founders of orphanages etc

2 The formation of missionaries consecrated to God who are dedicated fulltime to the formation and evangelization of young people and children.





   The direct beneficiaries will be the 25 young people who wish to prepare themselves through three years of postulancy and novitiate for the consecration of their lives to God and their brothers and sisters in this mission.


   The indirect beneficiaries will be the 800 young people who we work with in various activities as well as their families and those who they will form in the future, their classmates, and the parishioners of the parishes where they will work.

   There are also transversal beneficiaries on a material level. For example, bringing electricity to the territory would benefit all the neighbours in the area who do not have access to electricity. It would be a breakthrough for a neighbourhood that has no electricity yet.




   The missionary formation house and multipurpose room will be located at the northern exit of Dapaong in the direction of Burkina Faso, in a place called Tantigou-barrage, 650 km from the capital, Lome. The land is located in the territory of the parish of "Saint Paul, apostle of the nations."  It is a recently formed neighbourhood where the church is still under construction.



We want to conclude this project with a Fon proverb (southern West Africa) that says: "If the rhythm of the drum changes, the dance step changes too". Through it we would like to say that this Togolese country can change, it can develop, and it is not destined to human poverty forever. Young people are the future of Togo and the world, but whether they will be able to build a different Togo or not depends on the rhythm of their lives, on their consciences and their possibilities. That is why we have left everything to live here and why we want to carry out this project.


A heartfelt thank you for your interest in reading it and for your cooperation,

God bless you.






   It is possible to make a one off donation or sign up to pay a monthly quota. Everything is both useful and necessary.




   We have requested financial help from Aid to the Church in Need to cover the cost of the formation house, but the appatam, the fence and the water tower, are all without a sponsor at the moment, we invite you to BE PART OF THIS PROJECT.


  The facilities that can be seen in the photos are not ours; they were lent to us so that we could carry out activities with the young people. The "Appatam" is shown so that you can see what it will look like.