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Winter Season in Sopot, Poland



This winter, was all about the joy of Christmas! This year, we decided to make Christmas Cards while we were waiting for our Lord to be born in our hearts. No one could show us how to expect Him better than the Mother of God. The card was sent around the world to our missionaries. With a picture of pregnant Mary, the message said: "Expect as she expected" and hopefully it was an inspiration to many.



Our hearts were also filled with fun and laughter while making decoupage items.  We were able to organise a Christmas sale to raise money for the medical treatment of one of our sisters. Glue, glitter, crayons and markers were all over the place! The smell of freshly baked gingerbread cookies filled our home. We had volunteers join us and help with all the products. While listening to music we talked about our community and mission. Maybe, one day, they will join us. And if not, we made new friends and can always count on them and they can count on us.



The Christmas sale was a big success! We raised the needed funds and even reached children as one of our sales was at a school. We could see how open hearted and generous children are. They were asking questions about the mission and children from Africa. You could see the sparkle in their eyes when we were answering their questions.



We witnessed a conversation between a 6-year-old boy and his dad:

Dad: So, what would you like to choose?

Boy: I don't know...this, costs 2 zlotys and that costs 5 zlotys, and if I buy this I won't be able to buy that...

Dad: So, do you want to simply buy something from the missionaries or support the mission?

Boy: Hmmm....I want to support dad!



Being raised in a family with understanding and acceptance is very important. A little heart can be opened or closed in a family. This is where it all begins...



But not everyone has this gift of a loving family and that is one of the reasons why we want to be people's family. We missionaries, can be the family Jesus wants for the little ones that are already grown up. We can be the heart that listens to them and accepts them. The heart that hears and loves. The heart that brings the love of Christ to their life. We can be the heart that helps them live life, a life full of God's light, love and mercy.



And with all this in mind, we have the Missionary Workshop. Every week we meet and help prepare the participants- our brothers and sisters- to be missionaries. We organised a 3-day retreat to help them answer the question: What is your mission? A question some answered and some are still seeking the answer to. With coaching sessions, performances and testimonies it was a weekend full of prayer, discussions and space for going deeper into our hearts.



We are now looking forward to Spring! We are looking forward to what Jesus has in mind for us.


Servant´s of the Gospel in Poland

March 2017