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Who we are


We are a recently formed International Missionary Association called ¨Servants of the Gospel of God’s Mercy¨. We were received in the Catholic Church as an Association of the Faithful in 2002 in the Diocese of Munster by our dear bishop, Msgr. Reinhard Lettmann.


Our Association was founded by a group of missionaries from different states of life: consecrated life, laity and priests. Now we are a large family of brothers and sisters in faith, married couples, adults, youth and children, who share the same spirituality and mission.


We were spread out across very different countries from the beginning: Germany, Poland, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Argentina and Japan. Since then, God has blessed us with many new, small communities which are developing in a variety of countries: South Korea, Ukraine, Colombia, Peru, Israel, Togo, Brazil, Italy and the Philippines.


Called as a family to announce God’s mercy


As a family who has discovered how much God feels and suffers for humanity, we are called to make our life an “incarnation” of his merciful love for all people. In a close, living relationship with Christ, listening to His “I’m thirsty” (Jn 19:28) we want to live with the same passion that led Him to proclaim the gospel, and to give his life for the unity of the whole world.


In communion for the mission


We would like to live in deep communion amongst ourselves (the Servants of the Gospel), the church and the world. Throughout these years of our existence we have gratefully acknowledged the Church as our Mother and our Sister. We belong to her through grace, we learn from her continually and at the same time Jesus entrusts her to us. We would like to be at the service of ecclesial communion with her and like her to be a sign and leaven of unity for our brothers and sisters in the whole world.


Some of us are missionaries consecrated full time to the service of the gospel, others are diocesan priests and others laity who are committed in the places where they live and work. Each person tries to be faithful to his or her specific vocation as they carry out the mission. We normally both prepare and carry out our activities as a team of missionaries, laity and priests.


Christ’s prayer: "May they be one so that the world may believe" (Jn17:21), encourages us to give our all every day to consolidate the bonds of love and of communion in us, which make God’s project of a world of brothers