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Seville is preparing!

Seville is preparing! Yes, preparing to set out on an evangelizing mission. Mari Angeles, a missionary from our community is in her hometown taking care of her mother and the Holy Spirit is opening a way forward where and how he wants. The missionary spirit is beginning to be contagious in her parish and during this 2017-18 course a school of evangelization finally emerged. Carmen, a university student shares her experience with us. 



   This year in the Parish of Our Lady of Remedies, Seville has begun a new project:  A School of Evangelization.


 Our local missionary Maria Angeles was in charge of directing it. At first there weren`t many  people attracted by this activity, as it was something unknown, but as often happens in our Parish, the idea  was passed on by word of mouth, the activity was encouraged and we finished the year  with a group of 10 people. And in Our Lady of Remedies ... when you start something, you don`t leave, rather you want more. More and more!


   We were 10 very different people, in terms of character, age or and way of life, but with something in common: we all want to spread the word of God.


 The sessions took place once a month, and although the first impression might be that one session a month isn`t much, it has given us time to deepen and learn a lot.


 During this year, we have found or tried to find our mission in life, we have tried to listen to what the Lord wants from us and to put ourselves in his hands, as his instruments, to carry out the plan that he created for each one of us with so much love.


 One by one we have given our own testimony of faith and that has undoubtedly been something that has enriched the lives of all of us who formed part of the group. As the saying goes: SHARING IS LIVING. We have laughed and cried together, we`ve been very sincere, and we`ve shed our old clothes to put on a new armour which we go out with as messengers of God. Many have found their mission in their family, others with young people and others still have understood the importance of living the faith in community. Some of us are still searching for our mission, but we`ve set out on this journey and walked together this year accompanied by Maria Angeles and in the hands of God.


   We plan to continue this project next year, where we will deepen in our own lives, continue to create community  and at the same time go out to share our experiences so that many more may hear God`s message.


Personally, it has helped me to get rid the fears I had of being socially judged outside the parish environment. I am 26 years old,  a student and often, it is difficult not to be crossed off certain things when you say that you are a catechist or that you have to go to church or to the parish to do something. I kept quiet and only shared my experience with those I knew were in my "parochial" circle of friends.


But little by little I understood that there are many ways to get the message across, beyond trying to explain complex things to people who have little interest in understanding them. It has been a slow but continuous effort, a comment at the right time, an invitation to a festival, ask a friend to help take care of the children during a retreat ... or the simple fact of remembering people on their saint’s day and greeting them. In the end, one of these friends of mine has been confirmed. Undoubtedly, those who sow will reap, so we need to keep planting!


Carmen Ramos