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Servants of the Gospel in Ukraine

Here the community of Servants of the Gospel in Ukraine present their activities of the last few months in pictures, with a brief introduction. They ask for our prayers that our missionary spirit may grow and take root in this land that is lifting itself up after many years of communist “anti-evangelisation”.



The community of Ukraine of 2016-17 is present in two cities. These are Nizhyn, in the Chernigov province where a Spanish missionary, Isabel García, is living permanently and the capital, Kyiv, where there are three missionaries from the Servants of the Gospel working, Catherine (British), Ula (Polish) and Cristina Ruiz (Spanish).



Our mission at the service of the Church includes collaboration in existing groups such as Taize and on the Radio in Radio Maria, as well as offering activities of our own such as retreats (during advent and lent) and festive events during important moments of the liturgical year in the Dominican Institute (Pentecost and All Saints Day)



This year we have begun meeting with a group of Ukrainians who want to perfect their Spanish, offering different anthropological and social topics which transmit values.



We have been working pastorally for the last five years in the English-Speaking Community of Kyiv, coordinating the catechesis, Catherine, as spiritual director of the Legion of Mary and helping with different activities which come up in this multicultural community made up of Americans and different African and European countries who communicate in English.



We’ve also worked with Latin American students who receive further Christian formation from us and participate in our missionary activities.  It is great to be able to count on their help in a country with such little background of faith.



We have had the pleasure of collaborating with the Dominican Sisters of Granada since our arrival in the city of Kyiv. Our collaboration has become more specific over the years and we now help in the catechesis of both parents and children in Russian.



Community of Ukraine