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Rita´s Testimony


   On 17th of June, we, the polish community had a mission in Sopot, in which joined mostly the people who have been having a year long workshop on mission.


   During this period, we learned, knew, prayed, gathered knowledge on how to bring gospel to people, in other words, how to bring The Merciful God to others. To me the day showed the fruit of our efforts and  works we put in. I was one of the persons who evangelize.


   I felt in everyone the eagerness and urge to preach God's good words and maybe because of this the stress was also high. As for me in the beginning i was terrified to understand that i need to stand before many Mass attenders and speak, not mentioning in other language than mine. While preparing myself praying, i remember saying to God, "Please prepare me and be there for me, because i want to do it for You, only You can help, no one else".


   I always wanted to spread the good words of The Merciful God, who i came to know personally and here i stand facing the opportunity. I just wanted to touch at least one heart, that may start thinking differently of God, that may know the true face of His.


   After prayers and preparation things got easier and i felt lighter and said to myself, whatever way it goes, i ll try and rest is at His hands. And yes it was, i remember when The holy mass started, i unawarely prayed to Holy Spirit calling by "Sarayu, (From the book The Shack) please be here with me!" and i believe He was there to catch his daughter's heart beats. People listened and appreciated our efforts of sharing our own experiences of God.

Our parish priest were happy to see the young people's work and love for God. We were few but each and every one of us were armoured with His strength and moved by His love.


   Instantly after the sharing i felt relieved but above all i felt happy, a great happiness devoured me like i just accomplished some great work. Before leaving i went to our chapel to Thank God and there i heard Jesus is satisfied and that he thanks us. Isn't it enormously great feeling to be thanked by the Almighty!


   I know after every other relationship ends or i may be left by all my good people, family, friends but at the end or always there is One who always stays, One with whom i ll speak face to face, so to me evangelizing for Him is the greatest love human being can show Him.