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Retreat for priests in Spain

   Last summer we had a retreat in Spain for diocesan priests who are close to our community. Two priests from South Korea, two priests from Germany and one priest from Jordan joined the retreat. There were also several missionaries (Female) who joined the retreat. Here we can read the testimony of Philip Yoon a young South korean priest who attended the retreat.




   In one word, my experience of this retreat is the experience of the kingdom of God through the priests and missionaries who were with me. For more understanding I am going to explain a bit about church in Korea.


   We have been raised in Confucianism for a long time. Often time we were forced to obey the elders without any reason. It was virtue of our society but as time goes by, it became a heavy burden. Even in the church in Korea especially the people of God were demanded to obey unconditionally and between the elderly priest and young one as well. I think it blocks to live equal as one family of God and the sons and daughters of God here, in the world.


During the retreat, I was able to have an experience to be equal in God with the participants.

For me, it was the experience of the heaven. I was really happy to be called by my name PHILIP not FATHER PHILIP by the priests and missionaries. This very simple action made me feel at home in Espinoza and at the same time the house of God.


I hope this experience will be spread at the church in Korea especially between the priest and the people of God. When we will start to live this, we will be living in the heaven here and now.


Thank you for all of you, my dear friends, the missionaries of the good news of God’s mercy.


See you!  

Father Philip Yoon (August 2016, Spain)