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Philippines: Our Community and pastoral Project




In the Philippines we live and work in the Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan, in Malasiqui located in the north of Manila, 200 km away. Our community consists of 6 missionaries: Dario Marote ( Spain), Teresa Barroso ( Portugal ), Ana Maria Palma (Spain), Belen Gomez ( Spain), Antonia Martinez (Toni, Spain) and Manuela Sanchez ( Manoli, Spain).

We arrived in the Philippines on 27th of May, 2015, but in the Archdiocese in December of that same year, as we spent the time in between studying Tagalog (the official language in the Philippines). Right now we are still in a time of enculturation, learning the language and familiarizing ourselves with the reality of the people God has entrusted to us.


Pastoral Project

Main Vision:

As the Philippines is a country where the population is in majority catholic, but on the other hand faces many social problems, our main dedication here is the proclamation of the Gospel and the formation of the people in a missionary spirit. In this mission we try to help them to grow in a faith which has a social impact. In the different places we are working, we try to promote a spirit of communion and reconciliation, forming communities of faith with a missionary identity.

As we have a preferential option for the youth, we dedicate a great part of our time reaching out to them, getting to know their reality better, helping each one of them to discover their own mission and vocation here on earth and offering them spiritual guidance.

Presently in the archdioceses we are making our charism and mission known, so that we can offer it as a community.

Ongoing activities:

With the Youth

-  We organise different youth and teenage groups in the Chapels, with who we have formations, missions and spiritual guidance.

-  In the Public High School we prepare the youth for their Confirmation by offering them a formation itinerary and inviting them for retreats and missions. We organize vocation campaigns throughout the school year.

-  We accompany the youth in diocesan activities, such as: formations, youth gatherings, lenten retreats, youth camps and  an activity called " Walk for Life".

-  On an annual basis we organize shared experiences of mission with our communities from Japan and South Korea.

In the chapels

-  Weekly we have faith and life sharing groups in several neighbourhoods.

-  We have Eucharistic celebration in the chapels, in family homes and in more remote areas.

-  During Advent, Christmas and Lent, we have retreats and missions with the adults and youth.

-  We visit the sick and do house visiting.

-  We support the primary school catechists through guidance and formation and we prepare retreats with them for the children  who will be making their 1st Communion and for those who will receive the sacrament of Confirmation.

Other activities

-  Fr. Dario teaches Theology in the Seminary.

-  We offer Spiritual Exercises.

-  We are asked from time to time to give talks in diocesan activities and in schools.





Ana, Belén, Teresa, Toñi, Manoli and Dario