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Peru: Community and Pastoral Project


The missionary community in Peru is formed by: Mari Carmen Izquierdo, Patricia Llamas, Anne Marie Berriaud, and Claudia Herrera  


Pastoral project 2018

"Servants of the Gospel of Peru"


GENERAL OBJECTIVE: To form missionary disciples and to reach out to as many people aspossible, especially the young.




Married couples:

 - Integration in the community

 - Foster time and space for prayer

 - Revive the missionary urge

- A monthly formation meeting


A monthly prayer meeting with the whole community (first Monday afternoon of the month).

One meeting a month dedicated to the preparation of mission and apostolate: Preparation of a day for young couples, a support for parish family catechesis and other missionary initiatives



Missionary group:

- To join young people from the “Faith and joy “school with the "Javier Heraud" school

- Help young people to discover different realities and how much they have to contribute there.

- Offer a Journey of faith

  1. A first meeting with young people to get to know each other as a starting point (Having previously invited them in their schools)
  2. Preparation of various missionary and volunteer activities
  3. Day togetherin July
  4. Preparation of the summer mission
  5.  "Servants of the Gospel" mission


Parish Confirmation:

 We collaborate in the San Cristobal parish as advisors of youth confirmation. We are involved in:

The program: Preparing both the catechetical content and the catechists, so that they can convey the topics in a clear and creative way

Formation: for the catechists

Spiritual accompaniment: Interviews and "Young Prayer" in different chapels every two months.


Support for the San Francisco Chapel



Confirmation of young adults:

Provide an opportunity for university students who have passed enrolment age in the parish, to prepare for confirmation.



Monday prayer: Provide a space for prayer and community where we can invite new people. It takes place on the first Monday of each month.




We work pastorally in two universities:

A) César Vallejo:  with surveys - workshops – university activities (concerts etc.) - ad extra activities (retreats or mission)

B) La Cantuta:  residence visiting every two weeks.


 Activity Days at the "Faith and Joy" and "Javier Heraud" schools



With adults we have two objectives: our first is a monthly ladies group in Lima which is still growing. We continue to deepen in faith with them and we want to count on them to support us in activities such as the couples group, preparation of St Valentine`s day. We also want to start a group with ladies from our neighbourhood. The objective of the group is to deepen on God`s Word through the community´s itinerary of faith and life. It will have a missionary touch where for example, we propose a rosary for the neighbourhood by the neighbourhood.



Finally, with the group of Laity from our community in Arequipa, we want to encourage missionary zeal and co-responsibility in the mission.



Community activities for everyone in 2018:


Easter: March 29 - April 1

Prayer Retreat: June 29-30

Day for young dating and married couples: July 8

Encounter weekend: 3-5 August