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Our daily bread



The ‘Servidores’ of France and Belgium share the novelty of using modern communication techniques to maintain the flame of faith alive which drives our daily mission.


We want to share a novelty that started in September 2016, which has really changed the prayer life of many of us. The Secret: 5 minutes of daily guidelines for prayer received by WhatsApp!

The missionaries from the French-Belgian community suggested that we deepen in the itinerary of Faith throughout this year. From Monday to Friday, we receive on our smartphone, a small message from the WhatsApp group called «Servidores’ prayer guidelines", often in the evening. It is a like a wink from God through our community, as Thanh from Brussels expresses "These guidelines, in a way it’s God who is calling me, who is questioning me."


The next day, as soon as we have 5 minutes, even on public transport or quietly doing the dishes... we can listen to the guidelines. For about two weeks, we deepen in various aspects of the same theme or reality of Faith, with the life and prayer experience of the five missionaries who carry out this task. We are very grateful, for it goes on to nourish our prayer,


"It’s my daily bread" says Helene, from Paris. "I start my day by listening to them. They help me focus my thoughts and guide my heart and state of mind for the rest of the day "


Depending on the person, we take the time to pray just after listening to the guidelines, or just let them come and guide our day making us feel closer to Jesus, through the words and images. "They guide me in my prayer and help me to be more faithful in prayer", adds Myriam from Belgium.

As Marie-Pierre from Valenciennes says, "It is not always easy to start praying, and these guidelines really help us to persevere", especially for those who feel isolated in their faith, in an environment that does not share it.



For Isabelle, from the Paris area, these few minutes of sharing our faith allow us to "dive into the depths of our heart, instead of remaining on the surface of life." Hearing the voices of the missionaries also helps to perceive the joy and fraternal tenderness that we experience during the "real" encounters in community, and allows us to feel connected. Since the launch of the "WhatsApp guidelines” the group has grown to about 60 in total because many people have been touched by this opportunity for God to come and join us in our daily life.


The next step, say the missionaries, is that the servidores participate in giving the guidelines, to also share what we have received!