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Bariloche has a new face


  Bariloche has a new face, they celebrated their first Easter: Catherine and Irene participated in the Young Easter retreat whilst Janet and Annette joined the parish celebrations in their Holy Family chapel.


  After our month retreat the community of Bariloche has a new face: Irene (Spanish), Catherine (British), Janet (Peruvian) and Annette (German).


   We celebrated our first Easter here in two groups: Catherine and Irene participated in the Young Easter retreat, prepared by the youth ministry of the diocese whilst Janet and Annette joined the parish celebrations in our Holy Family chapel. On Holy Thursday we offered a time of adoration after the Last Supper Mass and on Good Friday we prepared the Way of the Cross. We wanted people to have a living experience of the Stations of the Cross, touching the weaknesses and sins which are present in our lives and the realities of our brothers and sisters in the world. But above all we wanted each person to experience the love of God on the cross that is even greater in our fragility and always gives us a chance to begin again. In this spirit we invited the participants to deepen in just 7 stations through the Word of God, different gestures, songs and testimonies.


   Adults, youth and children took part and it was surprising to witness how everyone got spiritually involved and let themselves be touched inside. They were very grateful and some expressed that they had never lived a Way of the Cross like that before. Even the children who helped us in the stations were absorbed, sitting around the cross, looking at Jesus hanging there, with surprise. A mother told us: "I believe that today I have found Jesus alive again in my life. Something I have longed for, for ages!” What marvels God works in something so simple! In this sense, even before celebrating the Easter Vigil, God had manifested himself to us with all the power of his resurrection.