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Mission with our children

The community of Servants of the Gospel of Valenciennes, France journeys together with another group of servidores (lay members of our community) from Belgium. It is a community with a lively missionary dynamism that is gradually growing in strength and numbers. A group of 13 servidores took their promise and we were involved in a mission in Belgium with our children.



The community of Servants of the Gospel of France-Belgium has a lively missionary dynamism and is gradually growing. We saw this clearly on November 11, 2017,  when we had the great joy of celebrating the promises of 13 lay members of our community which included young people, married couples, celibates, retirees ... We realized that we are a big family with a wide variety of faces.



You can see from the photos that in this family there are many young children who have their place in our lanzamientos (retreats in which a theme or truth of faith is "thrown"), in the celebrations and even in the chapel.



In one of the photos, we see a workshop for parents and children on a mission in the Christmas market in Mouscron (Belgium). Our children are missionaries with us and share the joy of evangelizing.


Juliette & Nicolas