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I Love Evangelizing


   Estefania, a medical student in Kiev tells us what the mission means to her: "I love expressing the love I have for our Father and letting others know that his love for us is even greater"



 Being part of a missionary group was the best thing that could have happened to me in my student years in the Ukraine. I was part of a group a long time ago, called PJS (Salesian Youth Power) in my hometown of Cayambé-Ecuador and to be honest, who knows if my intention then was to approach God, as I had never had such a close encounter with him before, and it opened both my heart and mind. I think that through that missionary group, our loving Father became important in my life ... because despite coming from a Catholic family, I only found this close encounter through service. Service made me a person surer of herself and of the love that God shows to his children, through the effort and enthusiasm that a missionary puts into his or her work.



   Now after several years and having gone through similar experiences in different places, I can say that I love expressing the love I have for our Father and letting others know that his love for us is even greater.



   Living in Kiev in Ukraine, I never thought about doing something similar. I thought that that era of brilliant emotions was over. But thank God after a great deal of bewilderment in the said country, I found people who changed a part of my life for the better and reminded me of those marvellous moments that I refer to with so much affection.



The Sisters of the community Servants of the Gospel of Mercy were the ones who gave me the opportunity to participate in similar activities and to relive my faith and my trust in God. It was there when I first went to the small towns of Irshansk and Horshik in the country where I now live that I realized that you can reach the hearts of many people, with only the power of love. Of course it was a very different experience this time round because of customs, culture and above all language, but as always people welcomed us with open arms and were willing to collaborate.



   Although the sisters completed their mission in this country in December 2017, a small group has carried on missionary activities. The last time we went on a mission to the towns mentioned above was in June 2018, and as usual these kind, cordial and affectionate people gave us as much as they could and especially their valuable time.



   I have to accept that, without the sisters, planning was much more difficult and there were occasional misunderstandings before the activities took place. But now, after meditating on everything and praying, I believe that God always gives us the capacity to understand, to forgive, and above all to have patience at the right time. And thanks to that we were able to express our joy and love to both the adults and the children in everything we did.


   Now I know that my abilities are much greater than I thought, and that self confidence is a very important factor in both leadership and potential.


I thank God for being able to give this new testimony, because although it is very different it is still very fruitful.