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Our Mission


We must begin by explaining our way of looking at reality and how we understand our mission within it, to understand the purpose of our activities and the concrete way we carry out our mission.


The Servants of the Gospel are, above all, a missionary community. It’s our most authentic identity. We fully agree with Pope Francis’ expression in Evangelii Gaudium: “I am a mission on this earth and that’s the reason why I am here in this world". (EG 273)


God has entrusted us, the Servants of the Gospel, the mission of influencing society positively, by transforming the human heart through our proclamation of faith. Undoubtedly the world in which we live continues to cry out in pain due to so many situations of injustice, extreme violence and hate which continue to bring about unimaginably bloody wars which, in their turn, cause the flight of so many millions of refugees. But who is able to read behind the lines of the dramatic news, the reality of an orphaned humanity who lives without God? This is the root of all evil for us: the absence of God in people’s hearts.


It’s a question “of affecting and as it were upsetting, through the power of the Gospel, mankind's criteria of judgment, determining values, points of interest, lines of thought, sources of inspiration and models of life, which are in contrast with the Word of God and the plan of salvation.” (EN 19)


That’s why our deepest call is to transmit the image of God who sent his Son not to condemn but to save. It leads us to acceptance and forgiveness of ourselves and reconciliation with others. It’s important for us to carry out our mission fraternally, with sincere love and together with the local Church.


How do we carry out this mission?


We offer our missionary charism to parishes and to diocesan ministries (youth, campus, family, mission etc.), generating a community and family environment which helps us to find our place in the church.


We are aware of the need for New Evangelisation and so we try and introduce this spirit of “a Church which reaches out” in all these different areas. We prepare the laity to carry out this mission of proclaiming the gospel and accompanying others in their journey of faith. In some countries where Christianity is a minority we dedicate our whole lives to preparing the way for people to meet Jesus. In other countries, we also take part in or have an active role in ecumenical meetings.


We carry out our mission through various activities:


- Retreats, Prayer Meetings - Formation, Evangelisation Projects, Camps and Voluntary work; we dedicate ourselves especially to young people and teenagers, waking them up to God’s love and accompanying their experience of Him.


- Workshops or Schools of Evangelisation and Formation cycles. We form the participants to transmit their faith meaningfully to people of today in the environments where they are present.


- First contact activities: Popular missions, approaching people in universities or shopping centres, Alpha dinners, etc.


- Personal accompaniment in faith.