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Holy friends 





   "Holy friends who encourage us from above" resonated in our hearts on the first anniversary of the departure of Maria Areitio to join her Beloved. The Eucharist took place on June 21, 2018 at the María Madre Spirituality home in Guadalajara, Spain




   A year ago today, on 22nd June, we said goodbye to Maria and a group of us met to commemorate her life and to celebrate the Eucharist. The group included married couples which she accompanied, relatives, friends, servidores and missionaries of the community, and Sergio (parish priest of Sacedón) and Carmelo  parish priest of Alovera) who celebrated the Eucharist.






   In our hearts we felt the resounding, living presence of Maria, the friend who   continues to accompany our lives from heaven. Several people shared how they notice her care still, how the gift of her life, her trust in Providence, her strength in weakness, her unconditional love that restores the brittle bonds of love, continues to reach them and to bear fruit.






   That is why we began Mass with the phrase "Friends who from above are cheering us on with their singing, let's go!” from the Argentinean song this is the faith of my people.  It resonated inside, because we feel the presence of Maria in our lives, alive and active, collaborating with the Holy Spirit.






  We leave you with a song that was composed in the last moments of her life to our MaríaconJesús, (Maria with Jesus), the name of her mail and the summary of her life, a woman made one with her Beloved.








Cristina R.