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My future is full of hope!



   Martina is a young Italian who took part in the International mission in Guadalajara in March 2018. Below she tells us of her joy in discovering that her experience can help other young people.


   I have been fortunate enough to receive a fantastic gift: that of spending some time in Spain with the missionaries, Emilia, Marco, Sonia, Ágata and Annette. 


   I had the impression that every day, the knots in my heart became looser and looser.


   I met so many young people who believe in the same as I do, as well as others who are still searching. This has made me feel part of something bigger, a circle which draws us together. 

It was very emotional for me to give my testimony and share what faith means to me. I really didn`t believe that my experience could help someone. 


   Returning to Rome, I felt an enormous force inside me. Even though I missed all the people I had met in Spain, I was so happy! I smiled because I thought "my future is full of hope!"