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Each one of us is a mission




"Each one of us is a mission and can be a saint" - Patrycja assures us, writing from the community of Gdansk in Poland. She tells us how God has touched her life and has transformed her broken heart, through the workshop of mission and evangelization. She was looking for love and wanted to be someone important but she felt empty but now she sees that all her humanity can be an expression of divine love for others.



My name is Patrycja, I am 25 years old. I have just finished my studies and I work in the human resources department of a company in Gdańsk. When I was little, my father drank a lot in our family. Thankfully he has stopped drinking these last few years. I am very proud of him and above all I am grateful to God.

I have had different experiences looking for love, especially from boys. I went from one relationship to another, because I didn’t want to be alone. I needed attention, to be important to someone ... and it did not take long before there was someone to give me a little love. 


Tired of so many failed attempts, I asked God to help me because "what I had considered a profit before" was doing me harm: my heart had been broken several times; I was sad and had betrayed the faith of a pure, authentic love.

The priest who accompanied me advised me to seek MY spirituality. For a long time I had been attracted by the mission. So I searched the internet for something on that topic. In October 2017 I found a mission and evangelization workshop, offered by the Missionary Servants of the Gospel of the Mercy of God. And I signed up! :) 


Through these workshops I am in the process of discovering who I am for God and of rescuing my dreams. The quote from Isaiah 43, 1-4: "Do not be afraid ... I have rescued you ... you are mine" tells me about God's way of looking at me. I am starting to realise that I wanted to BE SOMEBODY, but God has called ME, with all that I am. I am starting to discover my dreams and my abilities and I am learning a lot. Every day I fall and get up again but He counts on my humanity. I didn’t know how much He trusts me or that we don’t have to be ideal for him to count on us. He wants to make himself known to many people through human ties and I am one of them.


 Being a Christian is not always easy, for example at work. But our whole life is a mission where we are and with our whole life we ​​can witness to Him. It is worth fighting, even if you are the only one, for the dignity and respect of each brother and sister. It is worth it because of their gratitude and because their sincere embrace is God’s very same embrace, thanking you for what you have done in His name for Him.

God knows our dreams. When we allow Him to act in us, those dreams will come true.


 Each of us is a mission and each one of us can be holy.

Let us say Amen …to everything He wants!!!!