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Driven by a missionary spirit



   The Korean community tells us about the missionary drive behind their evangelization schools which have been going for the last two years.



   We began this new Schools of Evangelization course in March with a retreat, where both groups took part: those who started the School two years ago and those who started last year. The motto of the retreat was "We cannot stop talking about what we have seen and heard" (Acts 4, 20), and, in reality, that was the fruit of the retreat and the atmosphere which permeates this year’s Schools of Evangelization. We have a very strong missionary spirit, where we both receive and give the experience of faith that we have in the specific fields of mission where God has placed us.



   It is a lovely experience of a shared mission especially with our brothers and sisters who have been journeying with us for two years now. Monika and Catarina  are supporting the Second Year Evangelization School, Emiliano and Rafael  are  helping out with the new group that started this year and Micaela, Roselina and Macarina record 5-minute guidelines which we  send by phone each week.  Sonia works with a children’s missionary group and others have apostolate groups in their parishes.




   And what remains with us is the joyful flavour of allowing ourselves to be impelled by this missionary Spirit which leads us out to meet others and transmit the experience of faith we have received in different ways. In the words of Pope Francis: "Audacity, enthusiasm, courage, apostolic fervour" (Gaudete et Exultate nº 130) ... and the desire for the Lord to continue calling us and encouraging us to sail offshore into deep waters and to pay out our nets.




María M.