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South Korea: Community and pastoral project



   The community has been dedicated to the mission here in South Korea for 11 years now. It is formed by Laurence Vasseur (Belgium), Monika Jaruga (Poland), Maria Matos (Spain), Eun Ju Shin (Cristina, from Korea) and Ester Palma (Spain).


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Our main objective for this year is:


That the people who journey in faith with us discover the mission that God entrusts to them, and begin to live and introduce others into this missionary dynamism. Our intention is to form them with certain elements and to accompany them.


The priority that we have set, after several years of work in the Adult Evangelization School and the Youth Ministry of the diocese, is to form a group of young "Servidores" and introduce them to our spirituality and mission. We hope to achieve this through a time of formation and mission which will prepare us for a mission together in the Philippines in January 2019.


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The pastoral project of the community is now organised on two fronts:


  • Our missionary collaboration within the Diocesan Youth Ministry:
  •    We collaborate in three Catholic clubs in three different universities as part of the diocesan team of university chaplaincies. This involves meeting two or three times a week.


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  •    We collaborate in the KOINONIA program that takes teenagers and young people for voluntary work and mission in South East Asia several times a year. It also includes participating in the monthly prayer meeting of the volunteers.


Bóg czeka na nas w sercach naszych braci Bóg czeka na nas w sercach naszych braci  16565_2 16565_2  A single heart and the same mission A single heart and the same mission  

  •    Ester is teaching missionology in the seminary of Daejeon and every so often is asked to give talks on this topic in other places.


  •    In special moments of the year such as Advent, Lent or Mission Sunday we are invited to give missionary testimonies or to share something on a specific theme.


  • Activities that we carry out in our house as part of the development of our charism:


   The School of Missionaries of Mercy: although it is open to young people, most of those who participate are adults. At the moment there are two schools operating, those who come for the first time are introduced to the basic contents of mission and mercy and those who return for the second year experience the Itinerary of faith and life that we share in small groups of revision. 


   We have been sending guidelines for prayer for the last year. Every Monday, we send a voice mail with a 5 minute reflection on the previous Sunday’s Gospel. 


Monthly activities:

   We have a retreat for priests with missionary interests, who are attracted to our spirituality and life. At the moment there are 5 young priests who take part and the truth is that it is a very beautiful and profound moment of prayer and sharing with them. We also receive a lot from them and they enrich both our lives and our dedication.


   We have started two missionary schools, one for children and another for young people. The former takes place in the parish of one of the priests who participates in the retreat and the latter in a parish near our house. 


   We have two prayer groups in our house one with young people and the other with young couples. Each missionary spiritually accompanies young people and adults and that accompaniment is always backed up in community.