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Can a young person evangelize another young person?



   Can a young person evangelize another young person? I am a witness, says Isabelle after the International Mission in Guadalajara, Spain, which took place last March 2018.  



   I have witnessed young people (from Italy, Spain, and Germany) who have opened up their past and their hearts to tell other young people (in the institutes, universities and parishes of Guadalajara) how God has given them the strength to overcome situations such as the death of their mother, or has made them dream that their lives can change the world, or has helped them emerge from a moment of depression...



  I have seen that these testimonies have touched the hearts of those who listened, have made them shed tears and have raised questions ... There were people who said: "I identify with what you have been through, what has helped you?” 



   Some of the young people who came for the mission didn`t speak Spanish and a translation was necessary, but nevertheless I discovered that they spoke the same non-verbal language: the same piercing, the same jeans with holes ... without mentioning the same dreams of wanting to change this world accompanied by the same fears and difficulties.



 I have seen how a young person can touch the heart of another person ... So, young man, young lady, your time has come! The opportunity to evangelise is waiting for you...