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It is better to aim at the moon



   "These encounters, these discoveries and rediscoveries have ignited the fire of faith in me again, they have also renewed a strong desire in me to give my contribution to this world that is falling apart." ​These are the words which summarize Italian Marco`s experience in the international youth mission that took place in March 2018 in Guadalajara, Spain.


   This year I had the grace to have an experience of mission in Europe, or more precisely in Guadalajara where the community of the Servants of the Gospel has a house.


   In the 10 days I was there we met many young people in the universities and institutes and we shared our testimony of life, faith and mission with them.


   We also had the opportunity to be formed in the faith, to learn more about God and the Gospel. And one of the most beautiful formations was the life testimony of the missionaries themselves. I saw in their eyes the light of faith that shines so brightly that it warms everything they have around them and gives new life.


   We also visited Ávila, the city of Saint Teresa of Jesus, a saint who revolutionized the Church in difficult times, with her faith and friendship with God.


   Another important aspect of this beautiful trip was the number of people we met and above all the quality of the relationships that were created! We didn`t just greet each other, it was a real heartfelt exchange. A priest always told me that "we are the people we meet", and on this trip each person was like a small piece of a wonderful mosaic which builds our lives.


   Before I set off I felt a little bit lost, because of the situations I was going through, and I felt God was far away and his voice was only an echo of my thoughts. But on this trip I rediscovered how to listen to him. We had plenty of time to listen to his voice, which does not shout like a storm, but whispers like the morning breeze that caresses your face and gives you hope again.


   I believe that on this journey God has given me a new heart, a heart which is big enough to welcome others and is willing to commit to them, a heart capable of shining and bringing light into the deepest darkness.


   I have discovered the beauty of prayer, not the classical prayers made up of endlessly repeated litanies, but prayer which is a dialogue, a close relationship of friendship with God. Although when the situations around us are difficult and it seems that everything is about to explode, this Friend is at our side, willing to listen to us. All this can be summarized with this phrase of Saint Teresa of Avila: "In hard times, strong friends of God."


   All these encounters, these discoveries and rediscoveries have ignited the fire of faith in me again. They have also renewed this strong desire to give my contribution to this world that is falling apart. I want to bring hope to the hearts of my close and distant brothers and sisters because our future is full of hope. And it is always better to aim for the moon, because in the worst case we will have taken a beautiful walk through the stars!