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After WYD in Poland


Back in 2013, when Pope Francis announced WYD in Poland, I was at work and a friend of mine was searching through the internet and decided to turn to me and ask: " Hey, Patrycja, guess where we will be in 2016??". "Where?" I answered in a rather cold manner. "In Krakow celebrating World Youth Day!" he said ironically. "Yeah, sure..." I answered, being even more ironic. World Youth Day?...I thought...Hmmm...


   Three years had passed and my life had changed. I had changed. I was now with a missionary community after over a year with no community at all, just everyday Mass. When the Missionaries told us that there will be over 400 guests coming to our Parish in Gdynia Chylonia and we need to organise it all I thought: "there's a challenge".


   My husband and I decided not to participate. We rather had the need to understand why WYD was so important to God. Our decision was to observe. Everyone was so excited and us- nothing, no emotions at all... During one Servidores meeting, Pili told us that they have 200 homes ready to welcome guests from all over the world but are still short of another 200! How are you going to deal with this? we asked. "I don't know, we still have this Sunday to ask people from the Parish" she answered. "Pili, you don't have a home for 200 people that are coming here, yes? Two hundred." I asked slowly so that she understood that 200 is a lot! "Yes, two hundred". Ok, I thought, good that I'm not in all this, I would be stressed. And to my great surprise- on that Sunday, people came and they had exactly 200 places more. Everyone had a place to stay.


   I understood that 200 people is a big number for me. But to God...He had it all prepared. He had opened their hearts before. People that had their hearts opened are Jola and Darek from our community. They welcomed and hosted a group of girls and one missionary from France. This is what they encountered: "We discovered many similarities between our worlds, the same emotions, desires, difficulties and troubles. We could share our experience and build a spiritual and brotherly unity. We had the chance to serve those who came to worship the Lord. We received the gift of joy. We spent one unforgettable evening talking and sharing our marriage life to those who were getting ready for this great journey. At first I thought I was sharing but in fact, this was a kind of "gathering of thoughts" for me, for us, about our marriage.


   I suddenly saw the power and care of God. I saw how faithful He is to the promises. He makes and to the path He chose for us. He always gave us more than we asked for. I was very thankful for our marriage because I saw His hand in situations that I did not see Him in before. He Himself gave us more than we expected during WYD." My husband and I were not in Gdynia when all this was happening. We decided to go to Częstochowa, to Jasna Góra. On our way, I told Kamil: "I really feel like going to Church today to worship. I need to do some singing, praying, just worshiping God. I wonder if anything like that is going on now in Churches, since WYD is being celebrated. When we arrived, we decided to go to the Chapel but on our way, before the Mass, we decided to take a walk around the Shrine. We were surprised to see so many young people. We didn't know what was going on. As we passed the gates of the Shrine, we noticed a big stage, people from all over the world singing and praying and on that stage we saw Him- the Holy Sacrament.


   It was an evening of Worship, Unity Day of WYD for that diocese. I couldn't believe what was happening. Kamil said: You wanted to worship? Here you can worship. Jesus heard you and gave you this gift with all these people from around the world. Do you know what this means?" I had tears in my eyes... I looked around, people came up to us to light a candle, the whole world was there. "Jesus, why do you want me to worship You with all these people from around the world?" I asked in my heart.


   "Mission" was the only answer I got. So, ask me now: "Patrycja, guess where we will be in 2019??" :)