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Japan: Community and pastoral project


さ あ 出 か け よ う! Let's go!



The community of Japan is divided into two communities: Tokyo and Yamato. They are two different dioceses, the archdiocese of Tokyo and the diocese of Yokohama. The communities are about two hours away by car.  Paula Gomes (Portuguese) lives in Tokyo and Alaitz Gonzalez (Spanish), Aneta Plonecka (Polish) and Momoko Nishimura (Japanese) in Yamato.



General objectives:
to make ourselves and our specific charism known
to get closer to the people that God may be calling to the mission or to consecrated life (vocations ministry)
not  to lose sight of the evangelization of non-Christians

Specific objectives of the Yamato community:
to know both the needs, and the reality of the diocese of  Yokohama,                                  to offer our support at diocesan level  and activities from our specific charism,
to offer our specific mission and special formation to young people.

We will carry out these objectives by:


 Reading the signs of the times of young people in Japan, both Christian and non-Christian, through a survey with the young people we know and by taking advantage of the documents for the synod of young people and other surveys made in Spain for mission possible.


Formulating our charism and the concrete activities we can offer by making a brochure of the community and publicizing it on social networks.

Young people’s retreat; From December 9th to 10th , a Christmas retreat "Celebrate the birthday of Jesus together,"  where we will Invite young people we know. At the end we will offer another retreat in spring where they can give their testimonies and introduce new young people. Everyone will be invited to continue the experience through a Summer Encounter in Korea.


Young Mission; From January 26th to February 5th, a mission in the Philippines for young people who feel called to evangelize.

Pilgrimage to Portugal: focused on inviting non-Christians and counting on Catholics who sign up to help us as missionaries by sharing their experiences.

Young Encounter in Korea: from 10th to 15th of August, a meeting between Korean and Japanese young people, cultural exchange, volunteering, mission, sharing of faith...


 Ideas for the future

Website in Japanese
CD of our songs in Japanese
WYD Panama 2019
Get to know Santa Cecilia’s High School in Yamato
Pilgrimage to Santiago of Compostela


How we have carried out the Pastoral Plan until 10th of April, 2018



We conducted a survey with the young people, who helped us prepare the retreat of 9th to 10th December.

After the retreat we began a group that is called "Servi mission". There are 10 people between 20 and 26 years old. The objective of the group is missionary formation and missionary activities for other young people. We meet once a month. One month there is a meeting ad intra, for formation and prayer, including preparation of the following month’s activity. The next month the missionary activity takes place.  We are already preparing a retreat with them for May.

 We are going to start the Discovery program (vocational discernment) as there are members of the group who are searching for their call. We have planned to meet twice a month to have time to pray and share.

The biggest missionary activity which took place was the mission to the Philippines where the servi mission group took part.

On the other hand, the pilgrimage to Portugal, where both young Christians and non-Christians participated, was also very positive. Those who went on the pilgrimage were offered follow up meetings to learn more about Christianity.

Our summer project is to organize an exchange of young Japanese people and Koreans in South Korea. It will take place from August 10 -15 with 10 young people from Japan and 10 from Korea.