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Servants of the gospel
of God´s mercy

   God wanted us to form a family of brothers and sisters in the faith; a great Christian family -youth, adults, children, consecrated women and men, priests and families- who are united, heart and soul. We were received in the Catholic Church as an Association of the Faithful in 2002 in the Diocese of Munster by our dear bishop, Msgr. Reinhard Lettmann.

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Onward for the dreams that are to come!
Preparing a place for the Lord!
Julia’s Testimony
Hania's Testimony
The joy of announcing the Gospel

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Our Mission

  We must begin by explaining our way of looking at reality and how we understand our mission within it, to understand the purpose of our activities and the concrete way we carry out our mission.   The Servants of the Gospel are, above all, a missionary community. It’s our most authentic identity. We fully agree with Pope Francis’ expression in Evangelii Gaudium: “I am a mission on this...


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Parish Saint Ildefonso
Malasiqui, Pangasinan
(Belén Gómez)

Stetsenko 9, app 82
Kyiv 04128
(Catherine Wakeling)

  • +63 921 718 8545

  • +380 933663282


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